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As a business owner, you have a lot of things on your plate already with running your business and handling day-to-day operations. When you have a problem with a former business partner, employee, a vendor, contractor, supplier or customer, it can mean added stress and time away from what matters most: your livelihood.

If you anticipate a problem, or have received notice of a dispute, it is important to contact an experienced, knowledgeable Portland small business disputes attorney right away.

Breach of Contract Disputes

One of the most common types of business disputes has to do with contracts between businesses, or between business partners.

If there is a claim that one of the parties to a contract did not hold up their end of the agreement (breach of contract), it may be necessary to hire an attorney to help enforce your rights under the contract.

Contracts typically spell out the obligations of each party, including what products or services will be provided, the terms and delivery time frames, and what happens if one of the parties violates the agreement.

Small Business Disputes Services

Sometimes, a matter can be resolved by sending a strongly-worded cease-and-desist letter. These types of letters put the other party on notice that you intend to protect your legal rights.

If a dispute has moved beyond that stage, we will help you evaluate and develop your legal arguments, to protect your interest and determine next steps.

Litigation and Alternatives

Taking a small business dispute to court can be a costly endeavor, especially for a small business that may not have the means to do so.

When you work with Portland attorney Donald Dartt, we will explore your options for resolving the small business dispute. The goal, of course, is to resolve the matter in your favor and at the lowest out-of-pocket cost to you as possible.

However your dispute is handled, when you retain Donald Dartt Attorney at Law, you can be confident that our firm has your businesses’ best interest in mind, and that we will vigorously fight for you.

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